Our Polish Language Learning Philosophy

We believe that learning a language is much more than studying grammar and vocabulary. Polish is living, evolving and spoken! That is why lessons are designed to improve your communicative competence so that when you leave the classroom you can communicate with other Polish speakers.

Yes, while you will learn how to develop your grammar and writing skills too –  especially if you plan to work, study or do business in Poland – we believe good listening and speaking skills are essential for effective communication. At Like Polish, be prepared to start speaking Polish from your first lesson!

Personalized Lessons

We create something special for each student: from medical students to a father of a half-Polish child.

All Levels

We teach students of all levels. From complete beginners to advanced.

Communication & Feedback

Geared towards fast results. Learn to speak from your first lesson with instant, real-time feedback.

Exam Preparation

We can prep our students to obtain their certifications. All of our students who’ve taken exams have passed with 85%+!

Materials & Homework

We provide worksheets and audio files. And give out homework every class to ensure continuous progress!

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers all hold advanced degrees in Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language!

Online: Individual Classes1-on-1 Lessons via Skype

- 50 PLN

for 45 min
  • 65 PLN / for 60 min
  • Lessons via Skype so you can learn from anywhere
  • Save time by taking classes from the comforts of your own home
  • Learn Polish to feel confident before you come to live in, study in or visit Poland
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In-Person: Individual Classes1-on-1 Lessons in Kraków

- 65 PLN

for 60 min
  •  90 PLN / for 90 min
  •  Based in Kraków, Poland
  •  Receive instant in-person feedback to speed up your learning
  •  Get prepared for your Polish certification exams of any level
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In-Person: Group ClassesGroup Classes in Kraków


Contact us for details
  •  Based in Kraków, Poland
  •  Benefit from our extensive experience teaching courses throughout Poland, Ukraine and Ireland
  •  Have your students learn from qualified language school teachers
  •  Get your employees prepared to pass Polish certification exams of all levels
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Do you provide materials for the classes?

Yes, we provide all materials for the lessons! We also assign you homework at the end of every lesson.

Are there any discounts if I buy multiple lessons?

Yes! We have discounts if you purchase packages of 10 lessons or more.

Do you provide preparation for passing Polish language exams?

Yes! We can prepare you to pass Polish language exams of all levels.
In fact, our students who have taken exams have all passed with 85%+!

Learn more about the Polish language certificates here:

Where are your in-person classes held in Kraków?

Our in-person individual classes in Kraków are held in our offices in Ruczaj, in coffeeshops in and around the city centre and at your home. Whatever you prefer – we are flexible!

Our in-person group classes are usually held at your company’s office! Please contact us to make arrangements and for further details.

I would like to have a free trial class! Can you tell me more?

Tak! Our online classes via Skype are a great alternative to our in-person classes, especially if you don’t live in Kraków! 🙂

Just simply request your free trial class!

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